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What is mochi?

Mochi is a treat which is entwined with the rich tradition of Japan. Every New Year all of Japan participates in the ancient tradition of Mochi-tsuki (mocha making). After cooking the glutenous rice, they pound it in a mortar paste until it is lump free and silky smooth. Then they are formed into balls and are ready to be eaten.

During the Mochi-tsuki, two special cakes are formed for the Kagami-Mochi, an ancient New Year decoration. A smaller rice cake is stacked atop a larger rice cake. Their rounded shapes are supposedly suggestive of the heavenly mirror of the Three Sacred Treasures which consist of the sword, Kusanagi (a symbol of valor), the jewel Yasakan no kagami (a symbol of wisdom). Traditionally, they were a symbol of the emperor’s divinity as a descendant of Amaterasu, from which he derived legitimacy as a paramount ruler of Japan.

Legend has it that when Amaterasu, hid in a cave from her brother Susanaoo, the world plunged into darkness. The goddess Amano-Uzume hung the mirror and jewels outside the cave to lure her out. Amaterasu saw her own reflection and was startled enough that the gods could pull her out of the cave. Susanaoo later presented the sword, which he had obtained from the body of an eight-headed sepent, to Amaterasu as an apology. Supposedly, these artifacts were given to Ninigi-no Mikoto, legendary ancestor of the Japanese imperial line when his grandmother, Amaterasu, sent him to pacify Japan. Today, mocha is eaten all year round and is served with many different kinds of fillings such as red bean or ice cream. What we, at Dezâto, have done is taken this traditional Japanese treat and paired it with the not-so-traditional. The marriage of the sticky chewy, gooey mocha and the rich melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffle is simply sinful.

At Dezâto, we pledge only to make quality products made from the finest ingredients.